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The Types of Clinical Depression

Clinical depression is an extreme form of depression where the sufferer s life, well being and activities are extremely disrupted and affected It is quite normal for a person to feel low, sad, gloomy or otherwise unhappy at times but these sadnesses come a

Three Classes of Antidepressant and Their Possible Side Effects

All antidepressant medication has side effects although some more than others The word antidepressant actually refers to a wider range of things than medication only, such as therapies and other procedures to alleviate depression, but the side effects of d

A Review of The More Common Symptoms of Depression

Depression is, rightly, characterised by a sustained period of unhappiness yet many symptoms of depression are not linked to the idea of depression in many people s minds People often say they are feeling depressed when, actually, they are feeling nothing

Finding Out About Depression

When people talk about depression they are often referring merely to a low or melancholic feeling or mood which might have overcome them briefly In fact, the term is often even used an exhortation for sympathy following some relatively minor event such as

Fighting Depression One Step at a Time

One of the main steps in fighting depression is to recognise the signs as early as possible and to take action to anyone who has suffered depression this may appear overly simplistic since the struggle of a depressed person is a mental one and taking actio

The Different Types of Depression

There are different types of depression and, therefore, different diagnoses depending upon factors such as the intensity or duration of symptoms and their cause, when known Depression has become common in the past few decades, which may partly be due to a

Ways of Understanding Depression And How a Depressive Behaves

The incidences of cases of depression increase year by year, in the west, which may be due to an increased understanding of depression and greater sensitivity to its symptoms and effects In order to understand depression it is necessary to understand how i

The Causes of Depression Are Many

There are many possible causes of depression While it is not always possible to pin a state of mind down to a particular beginning, it is fair to say that a cause might come from either internal or external conditions External causes are typically those si

Vital Things To Know About Teen Anxiety Depression

More than ever, people will often regard depression as a condition that likely affects people in their adult stages But then, it is a renowned fact that depression also heaps on the younger generation, that is, the teens Teen anxiety depression has become

Knowing the Difference Between Difficult Teens and Depression

Teenagers can be difficult to deal with and their occasional sullenness or difficult behaviour is generally put down to their hormonal changes but its necessary to make a distinction between teens and depression since there is a big difference between natu

A Round Up of Depression Alternative Treatments

A doctor might prescribe antidepressants for a case of depression, but there are a number of depression alternative treatments, alternative therapies or complementary therapies, which can be effective and which don t require prescription Some herbal remedi

Teen Depression as a Serious Concern

Teenage depression comes in the most unexpected time and most particularly without the knowledge of the parents Even a teenager who comes from a happy family cannot escape teenage depression For those afflicted with teenage depression, researches show that

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