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The Causes of Depression Are Many
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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There are many possible causes of depression. While it is not always possible to pin a state of mind down to a particular beginning, it is fair to say that a cause might come from either internal or external conditions. External causes are typically those situations or environments we find ourselves in which might affect our state of mind. These can, of course, be numerous since the life we lead and the circumstances and conditions of that life will naturally have an effect upon the moods we experience and which colour our worlds. Internal causes are those which have, perhaps, more physical or chemical beginnings to do with the body and internal organs.

External causes are, possibly, the more typical. Events of all kinds can have a great affect upon a personís well being and especially those events such as loss and bereavement can produce a state of depression in a person experiencing them; in fact, Freud considered bereavement itself as a form of depression which would imply we are all prone to it in this form at least. Another common cause is the ill-fitting of events to our expectations in the form of disillusionment and disappointment; A personís point of view upon the world and their self image are very strong factors in their sense of well being and when desires or expectations are thwarted the consequent impact upon the personís point of view can be undermining. Boredom, monotony, and a sense of a lack of personal control or sense of helplessness in relation to our circumstances or environment can also bring on a depressed state of mind.

Communication is also a common factor; the inability to express oneself adequately, or else to have ones feelings or opinions ignored or inadequately engaged with can deteriorate a personís mental state over time. There are a great many possible causes for a personís depression but it is valuable to understand that even the most happy or positive person may, at some point in their life, suffer the symptoms of depression and with so many possible causes it is possible to overlook the specific factors which contributed in a particular case. It may even be proposed that there are as many causes of depression as there are depressed people.

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