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Teen Depression as a Serious Concern
Ken Austin

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Teenage depression comes in the most unexpected time and most particularly without the knowledge of the parents. Even a teenager who comes from a happy family cannot escape teenage depression.

For those afflicted with teenage depression, researches show that there are 60% of them who entertain the thought of committing suicide and that 9% of them have attempted doing it once. In the whole three decades that have passed, the teen suicide rate has escalated to up to 300%. And such fact is relatively shocking.

What is teenage depression all about and what must the parents do?

People normally experience blues in their lives. But when some serious factors interact with these blues, the condition is turned to an illness. Teenage depression is an illness that is characterized by the feelings of hopelessness, despair, and dejection that interfere with all of the personís ability to function normally. The feelings of withdrawal, helplessness, isolation, and being greatly affected by the existing circumstances often are entailed by the teenage depression.

Teens who are suffering from depression likewise manifest loss of appetite or overeating, lethargy, moodiness, anxiety, lapse into inactivity, and withdrawal from family or friends. When parents notice such changes, they should talk to and observe their children. If the worse conditions persist, it will be high time to seek for professional help.

What are the main causes of teenage depression?

Either a single or a mixture of the psychological, biological, and social factors prompts teenage depression. Some of the known biological factors that cause teenage depression are hormonal imbalances, endocrinal problems, infections, hypoglycemia, improper diet, exposure to toxic substances, other medications, and anemia. The psychological factors include the elements such as low self-esteem and the negative attitude towards things and other people, to the world, and to the future. The pressures brought about by life also causes depression among teens such as failure, experiences of loss, frustration, divorce of the parents, relocation, rejection, and breakup with a partner.

How can teen depression be dealt with?

Aside from the treatment of depression, there are also some other things that must be taken note of and practiced to help out ease teenage depression. They are:

Consistently pray to the Creator. God cares and listens. Sometimes, science alone cannot offer remedies for the illnesses but faith can always move mountains. Encouraging the depressed teenage child to read the bible will help a lot in letting him or her see the brighter side of life.

Encourage the teenage child to spill it up. Keeping things to oneself only makes things worse. It will do the child well if he or she finds someone to reveal his or her thoughts to. It must be someone who is willing to listen and give support.

Do not be idle. An idle mind is said to be the devilís workshop. If the mind is not busy, certain depressing thoughts will come in. And that will not prove to be healthy.

Learn to combat the workings of your mind. Get over whatever guilt-feelings there are in the mind. It will always lead to peacefulness.

Get enough sleep, eat sensibly, exercise, and laugh. These courses will surely uplift the depressed personís mood.

Avoid using alcohol, sedatives, marijuana, and quit smoking. The use of them will only worsen the condition of the child. So let them quit these vices if they are engaged into it.

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